Saturday, December 26, 2009

Song of the Day


Drive A - Can't Sleep it Off

-----------Hope everyone had a magical Christmas, filled with tasty fudge, loved ones and a pony underneath the tree. Personally, I'm thrilled to finally have an ipod that can fit all of my music, and I've been re-checking album after album to get on my 160GB Titanic of mp3 storage.

Welcomed to my library is Drive A, a snarly bunch of punks that revive my faith in dirty, pissed-off SoCal punk. After a listen to Drive A's "Can't Sleep it Off," you won't be able to quash the impromptu rush of anger that made you break a lamp or table or something made of glass. Who doesn't want to hear a band that has melody AND impulsively commands you to disrespect your surroundings?!

Get ready for Drive A's tour with The Used, taking off in San Diego for a January/February circuit. Get "Can't Sleep it Off" from Drive A album, Loss of Desire.

Key Tracks for Breaking Furniture with a Smile on your Face:
Everyone's Alone, Are You Blind, Out of Focus

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