Sunday, December 20, 2009

Song of the Day


The Horrors - Scarlet Feilds

---------------British bands and their colors and landscapes! Coldplay made violet hills dark and morbidly pretty with thundering guitars and Chris Martin's sireny echo (not to mention those brightly shining yellow stars). And now on their 2009 album, Primary Colours, The Horrors are smearing the landscape in a flushed scarlet. Am I complaining? - course not! Makes me want to grab a bucket of paint and drench the azeleas my front yard...too bad I'd be screwed....

While they may not have the same pop attraction as Coldplay, The Horrors are a seriously spooky rock group all their own. With the low drone of Faris Badwan and the echoing, underground dungeon rock, The Horrors sound like The Smiths dropped the moping and picked up some moody, more penseive attitudes. Get "Scarlet Feilds" from The Horrors 2009 album, Primary Colours.

Colored like a rainbow from "Scarlet Feilds?" Check out the electro-head bopper "Whole New Way" and the gritty "Who Can Say."

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