Monday, June 14, 2010

Lah Dee Dah...Mondays

Soo...Monday nights. For the collegiate scholar such as myself who has suspended her scholarly duties for the summer solstice pleasures, the night's can get a little dull.

And when the collegiate scholar is relieved of serving chicken and fish for under $10 to upper-middle class Dr. and Mrs. Douchebag, these Monday night's are even more bland.

All I see for my entertainment is a Pamprin commercial and a pre-recorded ABC Family teen sex drama. I don't see how fifteen year olds talking about oral sex and abortions tie into the "family" thing, but it's the 21st these days.

I'm kicking it old school, with a little music from the Jack's Mannequin album Everything in Transit. Normally I don't spill about favorites, but this album hits inside the Top 10.

There's nothing better than an album full of cryptic messages that you can interpret into your own life. The soul who's so far gone and feels like they can never return can feel the pain in "Bruised" or the longing for the one that got away in "The Mixed Tape."

Under any circumstance, the album identifies with the lonely, the confused and the chronically frustrated. And sometimes you don't have to feel anything - you can just enjoy the piano.

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