Wednesday, June 30, 2010

VIP Seat: Beyonce: I Am...Yours

It's pouring rain and it's been cloudy all day. This usually means I'll post up with my 50-song "Rainy Day" playlist and call it a sweatpants day, and of course, loads of TV.

Went to E! instead of True Life: I'm a Bisexual only because Beyonce Revealed was on. Those who know me best know that I adore Sasha Fierce more than words can express (she replaced my longtime love with JLo, don't ask). As I watched the behind the scenes of "Bills, Bills, Bills" I remembered "I Am...Yours," an exclusive, Storytellers-style concert in Las Vegas.

The concert begins with an acoustic set featuring a slowed-tempo knockout of "Sweet Dreams" and "Halo," among others. She dives into her B-sides as if they were her all-time hits, wailing and jumping through vocal gymnastics as easily as blinking. The acoustic "Irreplaceable" is more of a sing along, which is cool if you're in the audience, but I'm not about to scream "to the left, to the left," when I'm the only loser doing it.

Act two involves a more lively, uptempo story telling journey through the life of Beyonce. She sings some Destiny's Child classics with a remix of "No,No,No" and clips of "Say My Name" and "Independent Woman." There's even an interlude tap dance routine(?).

The finale is predictably "Single Ladies," but since the entire performance is catapulted by an all-female band, the pop hit embraces more of the big band and less of the MacBook.

If you're a big Beyonce fan or even a little one, you must watch or hear the performance. It's a near flawless, fabulous exhibition of her talent, and I'm not just saying that because I LOVE HER IN ALL CAPS!! Ahem, yeah.

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