Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Song of the Day

Stacy Clark - Matter of Time
--------------As a self-taught, sort-of-ok guitar player, I think Stacy Clark has major chutzpah for teaching herself well enough to perform folk music at 15 and killing it enough to be considered "the next Ani DiFranco." She saved up her record store wages to create her first solo project and toured and toured and toured. Lately she's been singing backup vocals for Jack's Mannequin ("Crashing" and "Spinning") and hearing her music on MTV-insert-dramatic-real-life-situation-shows.

"Matter of Time" is less guitar and more machine, but Clark's lyrics remain pop-friendly and pleasant when carried by her songbird voice. Thanks to the popularity of her 2007 debut, Apples and Oranges, she's worked with Phantom Planet, Copeland and many more.


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