Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Song of the Day

Europe - The Final Countdown
-----------------I'm in the middle of a vuvuzela, disallowed goal-filled mess called United States vs. Algeria. With overanxious kicking and less than stellar officiating, my tastes for music has become a little sarcastic and overly-heroic, just like Europe's "The Final Countdown."

K'NAAN created a World Cup playlist (Myspace promo much?) that includes kitschy tracks like Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" and Queen's "We are the Champions." Not all that creative, considering those songs are blaring in every middle school sporting game in America.

"The Final Countdown" has all the elements of a guts and glory hero-story. Of course there is a dramatic horn hook, but listen further into the song and you'll hear an 80's-fueled Footloose guitar face melter (I use the term loosely).

Take a look at this band promo-shot of Europe. These would be the guys to write this song.

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