Friday, November 20, 2009

Anberlin, All-American Rejects and Taking Back Sunday

Matt Rubano taught me some valuable life lessons that day. First of all, the most attractive couples stand at a two-thirds height ratio. Second, even though I do not fit the height requirements for the two-thirds ratio (I'm a few inches taller), we're still perfect. Thanks, Matt - sorry I couldn't come up with a better milk joke.

Apparently, the Rejects were riding around in the Rock of Love bus? Not sure which one it is in this shot, but if you see some of the Blondetourage puking in the bus bathroom, you've found it.

This little pooch could brighten a day better than a box of Crest Whitestrips. Her name is Jackie, and she tours around with the Rejects in style and grace. I didn't want to let her go!

Tell me this isn't the coolest, most nerd-tastic drum you have ever seen with two eyes - or one.

Rejects set list, joke list, and Taking Back Sunday set list. If you're wondering the origins of the "no skating" joke, if you take your board out almost anywhere here, you'll be slapped with a $50 ticket. Sorry, guys!

This gentleman made me jealous for a while.
Axes of rock? You'd better believe I was itching to play one of the dozens surrounding me all day.

Nick Wheeler in the throes of playing. All I can say about Wheeler is - what a cool dude. Found out he digs the new Bon Jovi album while driving him to a local fitness center, and his affinity for running is something this former cross country runner can appreciate. Thanks for the paisley tux.

Mike Kennerty flinging his mullet to the crowd.

The Rejects in blue.
Tyson Ritter during the show. Looks like I took a gigantic swipe over it to blur the colors.

Now here's a guy who always needs to play. Chris was wandering around backstage tapping away on his practice drum up until soundcheck. He was sporting a killer festive holiday sweater in sherbret orange, which I suppose says it's almost Thanksgiving, but I'm stoked for Christmas.

Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter.

The smallest crowd the Rejects will probably ever play again. They were the last to have their check, and the commotion had died down quite nicely. I took this during a pause in skating around the pit with one of the guy's boards lying around. I figured as long as I didn't crash into the soundboards, I was free to roam around without consequence.

All-American Rejects sound check.
Essentially the same photograph with light. The TBS banner hanging behind O'Connell is a BIG mother - if you thought folding your bedsheets was a big task, try that sucker. Props to the people who do it every show.
Matt Fazzi. The newest member of Taking Back Sunday is from San Jose, and being a Moragan myself, we talked about the Golden State during Anberlin's soundcheck.
I want to extend my gratitude the crew and members of Anberlin, All-American Rejects and Taking Back Sunday for a fantastic show and a very enjoyable, unforgettable day. The appreciation I could express wouldn't be able to fit into this post without people rolling their eyes and saying "enough, already!"
From chilling out with Jackie the AAR tour pooch and scooting around on a skateboard through the dressing rooms during the precious downtime, to the Red Bull and tattoo discussions we shared, the day spent backstage was marvelous. Please enjoy the photos and little anecdotes that go with them.

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