Monday, November 2, 2009

Song of the Day


Fatal Bazooka feat. Yelle - Parle a ma main

----------------What's better than bratty girl power techno? Bratty girl power techno in French!I'll be up front on this one, this probably isn't a post for the male followers of this blog, unless you're into cross dressing disturbingly feminine dudes who can rock a pair of heels better than half the mademoiselles who don them. Fatal Bazooka is a parodic rap group from France, much like Monsieur Samberg and The Lonely Island from the states. Yelle's Euro-Benetar spunk and uninhibited lyrics are tart and sweet, the French "Hollaback Girl," but almost *gasp!* better! Featured in the hilarious five-minute video is a breakdown of the European dance craze, tecktonik, a 2009 version of an A.D.D. robot. Get "Parle a ma main" (translated "Talk to the Hand") from Fatal Bazooka's album, T'as Vu?

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