Sunday, November 15, 2009

Song of the Day


Momentary Prophets - Little Bird

--------------For some reason, the weather decided to shift from a cloudy, misty hole of depression to a smiling warm June day in the middle of November. I feel all granola-ed out; went on a 3-mile hike in sandals with some friends and took a cruise about the parkway. It was a lovely day, and it merits a somewhat down-home, folky sound to wrap up the day.

Momentary Prophets came through town for a show last week, and their album Sunflower fell into my lap for some reviewing. "Little Bird" sounds most similar to an uplifting "Blackbird," that could have been penned by Iron and Wine, but instead is quietly sung by this group from Manassas, Virginia. Take a listen, and if you so desire, check out other key tracks "Dogwood Blossom" and the Avett Brothers-style "Grass and Moss."

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