Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Song of the Day


Pearl Jam - Army Reserve

--------------What glorious and strange wonders befell me in my music world today! The tone of this post is going to be rather bipolar, and you'll definitely understand with the information I have to share.

First of all - got my Brand New ticket! They'll be coming through Charlotte this coming Monday with Thrice and Crime in Stereo. Too bad I'm poor and can't see them with Glassjaw in New York. But still - I'm definitely not embarassed to geek out about this show.

Second of all - and here's the bad news - due to a family circumstance beyond their control, Dashboard Confessional have cancelled the remainder of their fall tour. I'm sadder than a hipster who spilled java on their Moleskine (oh, wait...that was me).

I was given a list of bands to look through, and if I have to hear another jam or ambient electronica band, I'm pretty confident I'll turn into a robot. Therefore, I turned to a group that takes me back to, well, the first PJ album I ever bought, their self-titled 2006 album with the Avacado against a deep blue background.

"Army Reserve" was never hyped like the not-so-fantastic anti-establishment "World Wide Suicide," but it's got a haunting attitude towards what is service and sacrifice. Vedder's unmistakable straining voice against spooky guitars...the "Jeremy" effect that I'm looking for today.

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