Saturday, November 28, 2009

Song of the Day


Visceral - So Far Apart

--------------Trolling the interweb on a Saturday night - pretty much as dorky-schmorky as you can get, right? I'm not complaining here, I've stumbled upon the likes of Dallas quintet Visceral. They've got a big-venue, Warped Tour stage quality about their thoughtful punky melodies that I must give a nod to. Though they're unsigned, Epitaph might wanna scoop these guys up to make them labelmates with the likes of New Found Glory and Sing Out Loud.

Visceral has a couple of shows coming up in the lone star state, but I'm keeping my guitar-shredded fingers crossed these guys will jump into a big van and make their way east. Get "So Far Apart" from their August release Rapture.

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