Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Song of the Day

Four Year Strong - Heroes Are Remembered, But Legends Never Die
--------------- You might think that for my blog, I slouch over Billboard charts and scour Myspace pages for hours out of the day in search for the perfect tune. Well, it is actually not always that noble of a quest. I was sitting around my favorite home away from home coffee place and heard a couple of punk bro-ish dudes name drop Four Year Strong, and I jumped onto their website to check them out.

Four Year Strong explains it all, they didn't have to do much explaining to have me hooked onto their magnetically attractive pop punk/hardcore music. "Heroes..." stuck out to me as the perfect song for kids who are too tough for The Maine but aren't too hardcore dig a decent head-shaking beat.

Fun fact! Four Year Strong receives a lot of cred in the punk and hardcore scene for re-popularizing synthesizer laden tracks with their 2004 demo release. "Heroes Are Remembered, But Legends Never Die" is from Four Year Strong 2007 album Rise or Die Trying.

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