Sunday, November 22, 2009

Song of the Day


I.Y.A.Z. - Replay

----------------I'm excited for this SOTD - for some reason the Akon-echo and minimalist sentiments of "Replay" can't get out of my head. The sing-along chorus feels good and reminds us of the melodies that make us smile everyday.

So who's this reggae/ R&B rapper from the Virgin Islands and how the heck does he have a top download on itunes? I.Y.A.Z. is the first signee of Sean Kingston's label Time Is Money Entertainment, T.I.M.E., a division of Warner Brothers. J.R. Rotem's synth-heavy production is surely a radio hit (don't kill me- I haven't been listening to the FM or XM streams as of late). Get "Replay" anywhere - itunes, as a ringtone whatever - just listen!

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