Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Song of the Day


Kings of Leon - My Party

--------------Believe me, it was impossible for me to pick my favorite Kings of Leon song for tonight's post. I mean, Because of the Times is so riddled with spooky howls, dumbfoundingly sexy guitar riffs, and lyrics to seduce, entertain, and tantalize the listener, it makes other southern rock albums sound like crummy barnyard demos.
My Party has a whirling energy that is as manly as red meat yet teasingly provocative at the same time. The lyrics are quietly malicious, but when Caleb Followill sings it, the sting is evident. Get My Party from the Kings of Leon album, Because of the Times.
Fun Fact: All of Kings of Leon albums have five syllables in them. Try it!

Key Tracks: Arizona, Ragoo, Camaro, McFearless

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