Thursday, November 12, 2009

Song of the Day

Hey Monday - How You Love Me Now
---------------No wonder everyone hates Mondays. This is not a song of any sort of day, unless this is the day you've decided a hybrid of sissy rock mixed with Taylor Swift is your new "cool" band to shake your tushy to. Seriously, Hey Monday - what the hell?! You sound almost, no, exactly like Tay-Swift in a Glamour Kills tee with Wayfarers and hipster hair. If you like Hey Monday, you probably like The Jonas Brothers, the Movie Camp Rock, you're 12, or think this band is a clever alternative to Miley Cyrus.

I'm sad to say this band is from Florida, a prolific pop-punk haven with much higher standards. I can't understand for the life of my polka-dot Vans slip-ons why they have scored 25,000,000 + views on their Myspace page. And if I had a nickel for every chick that looked, sounded and wrote like Cassadee Pope, I'd be writing this post from my penthouse on Fifth Avenue.

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