Sunday, October 18, 2009

Music Turf: CD Alley

While visiting my sister in the town of Chapel Hill, we spent the day wandering around various locations on Franklin Street, the main area for university hubbub and brou-ha-ha like shopping for collegiate regalia, digging through thrift stores and buying archaeic things such as CDs and vinyl.

The last time I was at a record store, I had enough room to do roundoffs in it (that's a fancy-schmancy cartwheel, just to be obnoxious like that). But CD Alley was a crawlspace of floor-to-ceiling CDs, with rows and rows of music jutting from the walls and filling up every corner. Without any objective searching, I strolled a satisfied stroll out of this treasure trove of tunes with:

Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls
Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil

Not a bad find from a store I wanted to spend hours in, but couldn't afford such a luxury. If you crouch underneath the sagging shelves of discs, you can find rows of vinyl can be a pain in the rear to look through if you aren't sitting indian-style and have loads of patience. But that's protocol for records - the ones you love the most are diamonds among a Sahara-sized rough.

The next time I'm heading to the Hill, I'll be making a visit to CD Alley once more for some hellagood used CDs. It was, I have to say, one of the most pleasant surprises of my weekend, and anyone who's in the neighborhood should check it out.

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