Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Lady Gaga Menage a Triosga

Ok, I know I'm probably going to lose a couple of fans on this one, but seriously, ever since Lady Gaga blew everyone's mind at the VMA's (but no one remembers, thanks Kanye) by performing a disturbingly genius version of "Paparazzi," I give her a thumbs up.

Here are three of Gaga's works that I have gone, well, Gaga over. And ne'er fear, I will explain why they're worth your time.

1. Boys Boys Boys

---------------Who doesn't want to hear like they taste like glitter and rock n' roll or go see the Killers and make out in the bleachers?! "Boys Boys Boys" screams to every fly female and gay bar around the world, and the disco club essence of The Fame tells stories of getting lost in Ferarris and dancing all night long in retro sneakers.

2. Paparazzi (Live at the 2009 MTV VMAs)

---------------Like I said, the performance at the VMAs is the reason for this post. If you don't immediately understand the wheelchair or the blood, then looking at the real music video will help. But basically, the man she canoodles with pushes her over the edge, and the story goes from there. And her wig starts to fall off while she plays piano!

3. Beautiful Dirty Rich

--------------At first listen, or at the title, you would assume this song could be the theme song to Gossip Girl. But in reality, all the fun has cut back the funds, and what's a fabulous wealthy socialite to do?! Even if the answer is unclear, you can still just'll be ok...dada doo doo...

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