Saturday, October 17, 2009

Song of the Day

Black Lips - Vendi Vidi Vici
---------------A thousand apologies for the brief post from last evening - I've been enjoying the company of family and friends for the past few days and I've found myself pleasantly distracted. My sister showed me around her college town, and we made a stop in a fantastic record store called CD Alley, which I'll be raving about in a day or so once I've formulated a worthy expose.

For now, I'll blabber on about Black Lips and their song "Vendi Vidi Vici" from their album, Good Bad Not Evil. Seems like any relatively indie band has to include a song called "Vendi Vidi Vici" in their catalogue, but Black Lips' rendition has some stylish clap-clap percussion and a drawling chorus that separates the Atlanta flower punk band from the rest. I'm pretty sure right before the guitar solo kicks in, Cole Alexander actually howls - killer! If you find yourself howling along to this song, go for "O Katrina!" and "Bad Kids."

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