Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Song of the Day


Eminem - Beautiful

---------------It's always interesting to hear an artist say what his favorite song is, especially the favorite among his own work. But Eminem openly admits that "Beautiful" is the song that humbles him from his album Relapse, which he penned during a stint in rehab. Marshall gets a lot of flack for simply being, but with lyrics like those of "Beautiful," respect has to be paid. I've posted a link to them for contemplation, comisseration, and to put perspective to the song. Christina Augliera may have sung her own "Beautiful" against piano and songstress soul, but Eminem has his own, somewhat similar way of saying the same things. It's like divas and Detriot flavor in perfect, paradoxical harmony. Get Marshall Mather's "Beautiful" from Relapse.

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