Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wink at the Devil - Bubonik Funk Flirts with Fire

Just because mom gave away your catholic school uniforms and the shards of high school have been dusted off your shoulders doesn't mean your band has to be thrown in the box labeled "High School Memories" along with them. If that were the case, half of the bands you have on your ipod wouldn't exist. It's risky, life-consuming, and difficult, but Bubonik Funk holds their swagger through it all, and are ready to flirt with the future in their latest EP, Wink at the Devil.

For their follow-up to their 2008 release, OTB, Bubonik Funk took their old school funk to a realm of reflection, evident especially in "The Feeling Is" followed by "Love." The EP was produced alongside Dustin Hofsess. Singer Dylan Ellett's material ecompassses a figurative and curiously creative atmosphere where signs of personal growth leak through "Hybrid," sort of a love-themed, Lennon-tinged "Day in the Life."

Guitarist Stefan Kallander keeps a surprisingly quiet strength throughout Wink, every so often bursting out articulate, glass clear licks on "Position of Power" and effortlessly melting faces on "Hybrid" and "Wrath of Brad."

One thing I am happy to hear from Bubonik Funk is control. Bubonik Funk's earlier work had perfectly entertaining breakdowns of grainy and messy solos, but the fresh and refined sound from Kallander's strat on Wink brings a new depth to BFunk's vibe. Drummer Daniel Allison and bassist Nick McOwen stay cool and calm throughout Wink, going forth with subtle bravado and simplicity throughout the EP.

Now I can't make everyone appreciate the type of music that Bubonik Funk writes, as the guys seem to be a bit transgenerational from what we often hear today. Thank goodness for those who still appreciate the energy that funk music brings to the table, making listeners tap toes and get that feeling, whatever it may be.

Wink at the Devil will be available this December, and if you're in Charlotte tonight, head down to Neighborhood Theatre where Bubonik Funk will be performing with SOULIVE.

Key Tracks: Wrath of Brad, Jungle, Position of Power, Hybrid

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