Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Song of the Day

Mimicking Birds - The Loop
---------------Whew! Ok, I've gotten all of the icky feelings out of my system and I'm ready to redirect my attention to the joys of music rather than become A.D.D. with trivial problems.
Mimicking Birds...I can't recall where or when I heard about this band, but it's scribbled on a Post-it note on my laptop among other acts to check out. Couldn't help but give the nod to this band because of their swooning instrumentals and quirky, dancing ambience. It's almost as if The Postal Service and Nick Drake had a baby who grew up to be Mimicking Birds.
"The Loop" is not as restless as (the highly recommended) "A Perfunctory Clockwork Yawn" and may not hum like "Rivers, Veins, and Roots," but what it does contain is an arresting guitar melody that knocks your energy out into a blissfully calm stupor.


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