Sunday, October 25, 2009

Song of the Day


Pretty Lights - Finally Moving Remix

-------------Complexity can be a beautiful thing, especially when that complexity requires one to stop what they are doing and pay full attention to it. That amounted to my first time listening to Pretty Lights, a Fort Collins, Colorado electronica/hip-hop group that compose songs as detailed and meticulous as a classical symphony.

Derek Vincent Smith and Corey Eberhard throw their cutting edge party beats and Daft-Punk style songs into a whirlwind of robotic harmony. Electronica hardly ever ceases to impress me, and Pretty Lights couldn't make digital music more, well, pretty! "Finally Moving (Remix)" from the 2008 album Filling Up the City Skies.

Pause! Want some free Pretty Lights? You can download their latest album, Passing By Behind Your Eyes for free on their website:

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